Once upon a time, I was a semi-active fanfiction writer in the DBSK fandom (I say semi-active because I put out work every two years or so — I’m very slow!) and five years ago, one of my friends from soomp! invited me for an interview.

It made me giggle to find it again. ^_^v

(P.S. This is really old, so the information posted here is already outdated. FYI. If you wanna reach me, you can send me an email via


Name: Tara
DOB: 2.21
Contact information: writersajerf[AT]
Online aliases: skyelee21 in soompi
Forums most frequented: soompi and ficaholics
Completed fics: *Queen of Wishful Thinking, She Who Must Not Be Loved, Chasing After You
Current fics: Six Ways to Sunday (tentative), also maintaining a drabble/ficlet thread called Vanilla Shots at soompi
Additional information: N/A

fancracked: Hello Tara! Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview (: As a general starter can you tell us how you got into kpop and kpop fanfiction? ^^

skyelee: Thank you for considering me part of this project of yours! I’m honored. ^^

I’ve actually been writing fiction since I was a little girl, but I got into the Korean fandom because of Lee Donggun and Lovers in Paris. This was in 2005. My first fic during this period was My Cloudy Eyed Girl, which was posted on blogspot (since I wasn’t…

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