The Road to Filipino ReaderCon 2015: Activities

Only 24 days till the fifth Filipino Readercon (first for me!) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone coming! I’ll see you guys there, I hope!

Filipino ReaderCon

It’s starting to get really busy behind the scenes as we prepare for the 5th Filipino ReaderCon – contacting speakers and session hosts, looking for sponsors (want to be one of them? :D), setting up the registration, all that jazz. But of course we’re not forgetting you, readers!

As with every ReaderCon since 2011, we’ve got some fun online (and offline) activities for everyone as we head Toward a Reading Revolution. These activities will run in various social media channels leading to the Filipino ReaderCon on November 28, to be held at the Henry Sy Sr Hall, De La Salle University.

We’d love it if you can join in these activities – and who knows, some lucky participants might even win some prizes. 🙂


Yes, we’re on Instagram now! Starting November 4, post a photo on Instagram following the prompts set…

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